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Hi, I’m Jules, Founder of Limey, The British Shop.  I moved to Canada in 2009 with my young family. 

Any opportunity my family had to visit British shops, we did.. stocking up on all our favourites to remind us of home. 

Fast forward 13 years…


One day in the summer of 2020, maybe with our COVID goggles on, myself and my lovely Canadian husband, Lee, decided we should bring these delights to our home town of Kelowna, BC., we decided to open Limey, The British Shop!

I don’t think it was even 6 weeks later that we opened our doors!

A Commercial Interior Designer by trade, I knew the importance of a brand,

I knew that this wasn’t just going to be any old British shop.

I wanted Nostalgia,

I wanted Community,

First and foremost, I wanted a visit to our place to be an Experience

And I wanted people to feel like they belonged.

I think we got there! With the Banksy Art, the Vespa, the bright green walls.. Limey stands out in the British shop scene.  We are proud to be different, and we live this value to this day.


We strive to bring a unique experience with friendly, happy staff, we want shelves fully stocked, we play wild British music, offer almost 2000 different products and endlessly add to this by customer request. It’s not easy but it is incredible fun! 

We have customers in the shops and online every day telling us their stories and sharing their experience with us about how Limey made a difference in their world.  This is unlike anything else we can imagine in terms of filling our cups.


After the success of Kelowna, Victoria followed some 15 months later in November 2021. We are so grateful to split our time between two incredible cities. We also do personal satellite deliveries to outlying Cities and this Online shop adds to our Limey family; we have such an astonishing community, growing as far as the eye can see and the heart can imagine.

Along with our staunch values of exceptional customer experience, we are also entrenched in our communities.  As a Business Owner, an active member of the Cities in which we reside, a Mother, an Entrepreneur, a Woman in Business, I am passionate about belonging, about giving back where we are living.  Limey is an avid supporter of our local non-profit organisations, donating the proceeds from the events we arrange and manage, such as pub nights, car boot fairs, shop raffles, etc., to causes that are close to our hearts. 

Some recent areas we have supported are below.  We continue to add to this list and are so grateful for the work they do in our communities and the small way that we can contribute to their goals.

Some of our recent Partners:
Child Advocacy Centre of Kelowna
Foundry Kelowna
The Mustard Seed Street Church
Mamas for Mamas
Royal Canadian Legion
Food Banks Canada
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